Leaving home and traveling the world.

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In just a month time, I’ll be leaving home and traveling the world. It’s a crazy feeling. On one side I’m scared sh*tless because what the actual f*ck am I going to do? How will I make money? Will I have friends? Is traveling by myself a smart idea? At the same time, I’ll miss my mom and sister along with the comfort, security, and stability of home. Isn’t it easy to know that there’s always your mom you can count on when there are no taxis to drive you home or to know that every night dinner will be served, and my only responsibility is to make sure the dishes are washed properly? There are so many small aspects that teenagers don’t realize they’re leaving behind when they move out. I’m sure I’ll fall into a void of confusion and frustration. Now I have to do my own groceries, cook my own dinner, wash my own clothes, and figure out my own damn transportation. Nevertheless, there’s another side of me and that is incredibly excited. As much as I love living in the small town of Tamarindo in Costa Rica, I’m currently feeling out of place and feel like I need to go somewhere else to evolve. I have many dreams, goals, and expectations I have set for myself and I don’t feel like I could accomplish those here. Life here is just too easy, and there are endless distractions. For the longest time now I have been feeling uncomfortable with the “comfort” I have living here, ironically. I feel like I need to get out there and do something because otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’ll loose my mind. And for that reason, I decided to travel. I want to travel as much as I possibly can until I’m no longer capable of doing so, or until the restlessness has faded away and I’m mentally capable of living in one place for longer than six months.
Additionally, I think that traveling could really enrich me as a person and will guide me into the direction that I wish to go in, which is to eventually become a lifestyle blogger. I’ve always had an interest in Youtubing, Instagramming, and all that Social Media Jazz.
That being said, I think the locations that I plan on visiting will give me incredible content to start blogging. A real blogger can write about anything, I know, but I just need a little push. I know some people can endlessly talk about their avocado sandwich they had in some corner cafe in the suburbs, but I’m not there yet. I need a lotta practice.
Anyways, enough with the blablabla and let’s continue talking about my travel plans.
Funny thing is, I don’t have ANYTHING planned yet. The only thing I have planned thus far, is a tiny, unorganized list of the locations I want to go to. Essentially the idea is to travel along the Mediterranean coast and become a European beach babe. Lol jk. Or am I joking? Who knows, I don’t.
Here’s a bullet point list of the places I’m planning on visiting.
– Barcelona
– Islas Baleares (Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca)
– Isla de Formentera… Maybe.

– Visit my grandparents (close to Lyon)
– St. Tropez
– Corsica… Maybe?

– Portofino
– Manarola
– Positano etc, (Amalfi Coast)

– Brela
– Krka National Park
– Mjet

– Santorini Island
– Mykonos Island.

So yeah, that’s the plan(?) for summer. Unrealistic? Maybe. Fun? I think so.
Afterwards, I’m not really sure where I’m going at all. Hopefully, I will miraculously find out during the summer. I’m thinking of maybe going to Montreal for fall and back to Costa Rica in November to see the fam and hopefully make some extra cash somehow during that time. Then I wanna start packing my bags again because my goal is to go to Thailand in December.
How I’m planning on financing all this wandering around? I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ve saved up some money, though not enough to live off. With the money I’ve saved so far, I could probably afford my tickets and a week of living costs. So, my idea is to work whilst traveling, and additionally maybe doing some online freelance jobs.
Maybe I’m naive and living inside of a fairy-tale bubble where things miraculously work out, but if so many other people were able to successfully travel and to live their dream, why can’t I?
And that should always be your mindset. Visualize your life exactly as you want it to occur, and your life will somehow follow along those lines. I believe in it, and I think that’s what’s gonna pull me through difficult times.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for today. Hope you enjoyed reading this long, strange blog post of me basically talking to myself.

Much love,



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